Les 4 Etoiles de Pau. CCI*4 & CAIO*4 12 – 16. Oct. 2016

Action packed envent at Pau 4* !

Cones driving – Driving (CAIO 4*)

The driver must weave cleanly through a narrow track without knocking-off  the  balls on the top of the cones. This requires accuracy, speed and obedience equivalent to “show jumping under the saddle”

Cross Country – Eventing (CCI 4* & CIC 2*)

Horse and rider cover 6 km’s of about 30 natural fixed fences. The well prepared, agile couple need to be bold and brave to cover the course with accuracy at speed

Jumping – Eventing (CCI 4* & CIC 2*)

Horse and rider have to jump cleanly over a combination of 12 “knock-downable” high (1.30m) and wide fences within an allotted time.  This requires accuracy, confidence, speed and obedience.

Marathon – Driving (CAIO 4*)

Drivers must get through 10 km’s of 7 natural and artificial obstacles ‘hazards’ and 42 gates in an allotted time.  The course includes sharp turns, steep slopes and water. This requires  control, confidence, stamina, strength and speed.

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